Example LMS Course Page

.NET Edition
Icodeon SCORM Player 2 (.NET Edition)

This page demonstrates the static HTML/script code a host LMS might use to build a launch page the Icodeon SCORM Player. Other useful pages:

Required parameter names are marked in red.

Database Detective

Enter domainID and to check database connection.


Link Based Launch

domainID: mysql skinID: default culture: en_US

courseID Launch Link
SCORM Detective 1.2 Launch
ADL SCORM 1.2 Course Example Launch
SCORM Detective 2004 Launch
ADL Sequencing Essentials Launch
Reload Example IMS Content Package Launch
XSS Example Launch

Form Based Launch

domainID: skinID: culture: ajaxLogLevel:

User Data
learnerID: learnerName:

courseID Launch Select
SCORM Detective 1.2
ADL SCORM 1.2 Course Example
SCORM Detective 2004
ADL Sequencing Essentials